10 Things You Should Know About World of Warcraft

Billions of quests bequeathed by millions of subscribers, thousands of characters introduced and countless hours spent playing the game. These figures illustrate one of the greatest MMORPG games of all time: World of Warcraft.

Azeroth has been through numerous changes, and kids who started roaming the virtual world back in 2004 when it was released, are mostly still active with maxed out characters and strategies newbie’s cannot even fathom. However, you can still learn many things about the World of Warcraft you may have missed while you focused on empowering your armies. Therefore, here are 10 things you should know about World of Warcraft you probably did not know.

1. Playing WoW Helps Improve Cognitive Functions

North Carolina State University conducted a research on players who played World of Warcraft regularly and concluded it helped improve the cognitive functions in the players. It was especially evident in older people who scored considerably lower in cognitive tests. However, after playing World of Warcraft for a few weeks, they were able to score higher in the test later on. Playing the game significantly improved the cognitive abilities in old and young people alike, so pick up your favorite server, and get your grand dad playing along with you.

2. Humans Are the Most Played Race in the Game

While you may enjoy playing as a hunter or join the paladin races, people prefer the Human race most and it is in fact the most played race in the game. Many people consider Humans to be the most boring race in Azeroth, but that does not stop it from being the number one choice for beginners and veteran players as well. Blood elves are the second most widely used race in the game followed by the night elf. Pandaren are supposedly the least chosen race in the game, although you have a vast variety of choice to start from if you are planning to don the cape of World of Warcraft.

3. China Created a WoW Knockoff

When you have created a game changing product, it is inevitable someone will come knocking on the door of its popularity and create something similar. World of Fight is the name of the game China shamelessly ripped off from World of Warcraft, which looks and feels too similar to the original game for comfort.

4. 5.5 Million Codes To Design the Game

How do you reckon a game like World of Warcraft is made? On computer perhaps using Photoshop? Nope, it’s the magic of coding. While coding can be a complex process for the uninitiated, World of Warcraft was designed after about 5.5 million codes were written by a team of 150 coders over a period of 4 years. Your website requires a few lines of code depending on the requirements, so you can imagine the effort that must have gone behind the massive game.  Apart from that, the developers have created about 40,000 non playable characters and a library that consists of more than 70,000 spells.

5. Mining Is the Most Preferred Profession

Your job at the multinational company may be your preferred job, and your favorite profession may be an accountant, but in Azeroth, the most profession is one that people would rather not take up in real life: Mining. Almost 35% of the people who start playing world of Warcraft prefer to pick the axe than any other profession in the game. In contrast, inscription is the least favorite choice for the players of World of Warcraft.

6. WoW Has the Largest Online Wiki

With over a 100,000 pages dedicated to the game, World of Warcraft commands the largest online Wiki of any game ever. The in-game characters for World of Warcraft goes over the 6 million figure, which is equivalent to 12 copies of J.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’. With millions of people searching Google for information on the game, it has no shortage of pages and character descriptions and strategies to satisfy the players.

7. A Man Died Playing the Game for Days at a Stretch

What do you do when you have a highly addicting game at your disposal and amazing quests to take on? Not play the game for days at a stretch for sure. Unfortunately, that is exactly what man from Beijing did in 2005. He took it as a challenge to complete a considerably difficult quest and kept on playing the game for a few days till he was found dead. Another report claimed the life of a guy from Taiwan who proceeded to play the game for an entire day in a café after which he was found dead on the table.

8. 50 Million: The Number of Times World of Warcraft Is Googled per Year

In today’s world, the popularity of an event or anything else is determined by the number of times it gets googled. Take world of Warcraft for example, which is googled a staggering 50 million times per year. That is how much love the world bestows on the MMORPG. The game’s YouTube channel has garnered over 90 million views, a huge factor in determining the game’s popularity.

9. 100 Million People Have Played World of Warcraft

Creators Blizzard Entertainment rake in billions of dollar thanks to the worldwide popularity of world of Warcraft. Although it costs millions of dollars to keep the game up and running, they rake in far more than it costs them. Reason? Well, there are more than 100 million people who have played their brilliant game. Although the game has around 10 million subscribers, the number of people who either played the game, are still playing or created an account to taste the adventure have exceeded 100 million. These figures alone are enough to rouse he interest of people who still haven’t played the game, and for good reason.

10. Celebrities Can Be Found On WoW Servers

A fact that proves World of Warcraft is no ordinary games is that it managed to hook millions of people around the world, and celebrities as well. You read that right, because you may have stumbled upon your favorite movie stars character and never have realized it. Mila Kunis, Sam Raimi, Brandon Routh and Vin Diesel are a few examples of the world famous celebrities you can find on World of Warcraft servers. Happy searching!

Well folks, now your knowledge regarding the game you have spent so much time playing just took a jump, and now you can show-off more than before in the nerd convention you attend regularly.

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